Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sexual Freedom by Christopher West

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From the CD Sleeve: If you can’t say “no” to sexual desires, what is your “yes” worth? Freedom exists for the sake of love. However, the modern idea of it leads to slavery. In this enlightening presentation, Christopher West shows us how authentic sexual freedom can deliver us from the empty promises of “sexual liberation”. Christopher is a popular theologian who specializes in making the dense scholarship of Pope John Paul II’s "Theology of the Body" accessible to a wide audience.

My take: I really, really liked this CD. Christopher West shares from his own life and struggles. He has an ability to make deep theology and sex make sense. He has spent the last decade or so distilling Saint John Paul II's teachings so that the average person can not only understand them, but live them. In our day and age when Freedom means doing whatever you want, we learn that True Freedom is doing what we should.

In this CD West gives an example of freedom, from all places, a prisoner in jail, from the movie Shawshank Redemption.  Click here for the video from the movie to which he refers.
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From the CD Sleeve: Fr. Robert Barron offers five sermons on the spiritual discipline we must cultivate in the Lenten season, a discipline centered in Christ. These meditations cover topics such as finding our identity in God, prayer as the key to mission, our thirst for God, how to end our alienation from God, and how to joyfully embrace the way of happiness.


What others are saying: 

“A powerful, sincere reflection... Deep, yet easy to understand.”Julie - Holyoke, “Fr. Barron weaves Scripture, prayer and practical experience into a seamless whole that uplifts, challenges and inspires.”Michael - York, PA
“I guarantee that your understanding of Christ will be enhanced by hearing this rich gold mine of meditation.”Julie - Sterling, VA

Monday, April 7, 2014

New CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media

That Awkward Moment When God Changed My Life 
by Paul J Kim
From the CD sleeve: Moving his audiences from laughter in one moment, to deep reflection and prayer in another, Paul J. Kim utilizes his many talents to communicate the Gospel to young people in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and altogether inspiring. In this top-notch presentation, Paul uses humor and personal stories to reveal how Christians are beloved sons and daughters of the Father. 

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Verdadera Adoracion by Padre Mike Schmitz
(True Worship by Fr. Mike Schmitz)

From the CD Sleeve: Padre Mike Schmitz, director del Ministerio de la Juventud y Jóvenes Adultos en la Diócesis de Duluth, nos inspira y educa con estas pláticas sobre la forma de adoración más elevada: la Misa. A través de estas tres homilías él nos da una profunda reflexión con historias vibrantes de las Escrituras. El Padre Mike asegura de que nunca vas a experimentar la Misa de la misma manera otra vez. 

English Translation: True Worship  
Fr. Michael Schmitz, the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth as well as the Chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, inspires and educates in these talks about the highest form of worship - the Mass. His Newman Center focuses on being fed through the Sacraments as well as study and knowledge of the Church and has thrived under his humble and Spirit-filled guidance. Through these three homilies filled with deep reflection on the Scriptures and vibrant stories, Fr. Mike makes sure you will never experience the Mass in the same way again

Friday, April 4, 2014

Resources for Divine Mercy Sunday April 27, 2014

FREE Novena:
Divine Mercy NovenaDivine Mercy Novena begins Good Friday April 18, 2014. Need a DAILY email to remind you to pray?  Divine Mercy Novena reminders are FREE.

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Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day with Fr. Michael Gaitley. Go to the app store on your smart phone or ipad and search "divine mercy." This app is from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception.

Divine Mercy Resource Display 

Divine Mercy Resource Display includes-
(4) Consoling Heart of Jesus Prayer Companions, (6) Divine Mercy Image Explained, 
(6) Way of the Cross, 
(6) Divine Mercy Explained, 
PRAYER CARDS-25 each of Large & Small Divine Mercy Prayer Cards, 
CDs-(10 of each titles)-Giving God the Love We Should, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, The Saving Power of Divine Mercy, & No Turning Back, 
(50)-8x10 Divine Mercy Image, 
BOOKS-(2) Diary of St. Faustina, (4) 33 Days to Morning Glory, 
(15) Divine Mercy Novena & Chaplet brochures, 
(10) Vietnam Wooden Rosary, 
(100) Miraculous Medal, 
(50) Prolife Bookmark, 
(1) Rosary Sign, 
(1) China Rosary Hook, 
(1) Original Display, 
 (2) Brochure Holder, 
(1) Medal Holder, 
(1) Divine Mercy Header Sign

Just $300. Contact me to order 
jkmuss@gmail.com 727-709-8649

CDs & MP3s:

The Saving Power of Divine Mercy by Fr. Jason Brooks LC

Pope John Paul II said that Divine Mercy is THE message for the third millennium and God's gift to our time. There is nothing that mankind needs more than Christ's Divine Mercy. To help us avail ourselves of that loving mercy, Fr. Brooks focuses on what we know of God's Mercy, our response to His Love, how we can become merciful to others, and how to become apostles of mercy. Bonus: At the end of this presentation, the Divine Mercy chaplet is led by Fr. Francis Peffley, Mark Forrest - an Irish tenor, and Muriel Forrest.



The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Fr. Michael Gaitley 

(English or Spanish)

Fr. Michael Gaitley is a priest in the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate  Conception and the director of the Association of Marian Helpers, a spiritual benefit society with more than one million members. In this talk Fr. Gaitley describes the second greatest story ever told - a story that encompasses Divine Mercy, the life of Blessed Pope John Paul II, and the crucial role that Marian Consecration can play in your life.



Padre Michael Gaitley, MIC, es un sacerdote de la Congregación de los Padres Marianos de la Inmaculada Concepción y es Director de la Asociación de Auxialres Marianos, una sociedad de beneficio espiritual con más de 1 millón de miembros. En esta charla, padre Gaitley describe "La Segunda Historia Más Grande Jamás Contada", una historia que abarca la Divina Misericordia, la vida del Beato Papa Juan Pablo II y el papel fundamental que puede desempeñar la Consagración Mariana en su vida.



The Miracle of Divine Mercy by Kitty Cleveland

Kitty Cleveland is an award-winning singer, songwriter and actress who has been delighting audiences for over 25 years. She has appeared five times as a guest on EWTN's "Life on the Rock" series. This CD features the Divine Mercy Chaplet set to music written by Kitty and sung by her with a children's choir, as well as songs from a selection of her CDs. A bonus segment from Kitty's stirring testimony follows.



Divine Mercy in My Soul~ The Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska
The Book That Sparked the Divine Mercy Movement

The Diary chronicles God's message given through St. Faustina to the world to turn to His mercy. In it, we are reminded to trust the Divine Mercy in Jesus and seek His forgiveness. And as Christ is merciful, so, too, are we instructed to be merciful to others. The message of Divine Mercy has become an integral part of Catholic faith, including the celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy on the Sunday after Easter.   

$13 each Contact me to order jkmuss@gmail.com 727-709-8649

Saint John Paul the Great-His Five Loves by Jason Evert

A French novelist once wrote, “Tell me what you love, and I will tell you who you are.” Although there are countless ways to study Saint John Paul the Great, the most direct route is by entering the man’s heart.

Discover the five greatest loves of Saint John Paul II, through remarkable unpublished stories about him from bishops, priests who organized his papal pilgrimages, his students in Poland, Swiss Guards, and others. Mining through a mountain of papal resources, Jason Evert has uncovered the gems and now presents the Church a treasure chest brimming with the jewels of the saint’s life. Rekindle your own faith by learning what (and who) captivated the heart of this great saint.

This brand new biography features never-before published stories of our beloved Pope John Paul II!
Priced at $9.99 single copies, you will FOR SURE want to get a case of 25 for just $2 EACH. How many friends could you share this book with??

Parishes, contact me to order 500 copies or more and receive FREE SHIPPING
                        jkmuss@gmail.com   or    727-709-8649

Booklets & Pamphlets:
All booklets and pamphlets must be ordered through me:
     jkmuss@gmail.com   or    727-709-8649

The Divine Mercy Image Explained BOOKLET

From experts to beginners, this booklet by author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, is an engaging read that reveals hidden gems and highlights inspiring truths about the Divine Mercy Image. It covers the great grace and key elements of the Image with remarkable depth and clarity. Also includes instructions on how to enthrone the image in your home, an enthronement prayer, and two bonus appendices. 67 pages

 LH_MIC_DMIX The Divine Mercy IMAGE Explained-(5 BOOKLETS per unit)  $7.95

Divine Mercy Explained Booklet

This booklet from bestselling author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Consoling the Heart of Jesus and 33 Days to Morning Glory), gives you a brief and easy-to-understand introduction to the Divine Mercy message and devotion. You'll read about the history and context of Divine Mercy, the essential elements of the devotion, and how you can live the message. Includes the full prayers of the Divine Mercy Novena and St. Faustina's Litany to Divine Mercy, as well as two bonus appendices: valuable Divine Mercy prayers and Divine Mercy wisdom from Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. 67 pages

 LH_MIC_01 MIC-Divine Mercy Explained-Fr. Gaitley-(5 BOOKLETS per unit)  1 pack of 5~ $7.95

Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet Pamphlet

One and a half million copies of this popular 10-panel pamphlet are distributed annually throughout the world. Based on a special request from a Marian Helper, this new version includes the addition of the Prayer of The Divine Mercy, fully complimenting The Divine Mercy Novena given to Saint Faustina by Jesus, as well as illustrated instructions on how to recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. 3.5 x 7 inches

  LH_MIC_DMNP Divine Mercy Novena & Chaplet Pamphlet-(50 per pk) $7.90

  Divine Mercy Images
Images measures 10" x 18" and are on Canvas. Available with Black or Gold Frame or with no frame (pictured below.) 
Contact me to order jkmuss@gmail.com 727-709-8649 

Canvas Divine Mercy Image, Vilnius, Hyla
Divine Mercy Coffee Mug 

- for your favorite beverage and faith-filled mornings. Featuring pictures of the Divine Mercy, the Blessed Mother in prayer, and an inspiring quote Pope Benedict "It is the Love of Christ that fills our hearts and impels us to evangellize."

LH_MUG_1 Custom Mug-Divine Mercy, Pope, Madonna in Prayer-(MUG) $6.75


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rising Above~ From Tragedy to Triumph by John O'Leary

From the CD Sleeve: At nine years old, John O'Leary was involved in a horrific incident and was given only a one percent change to survive. Today, nearly three decades later, he travels the world teaching others how to truly live. In this presentation, John draws on his life's experience to intimately illustrate how God often uses our greatest challenges to positively transform our lives.

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My take:
This is a riveting true story. 
I listened to this talk with my 9 year old daughter and neither of us could turn it off! It was especially meaningful to my 9 year old as John O'Leary was 9 years old when his accident occurred. Best part is John doesn't just live in the past story. He takes all the lessons of the darkest time in his life and shows how they apply to each and every one of us, today, in my life, right now.

I then listened to the talk with my 12 year old daughter, who was reluctant to listen.  At the end she said "Are all your CDs this good?"
Yes, they are, they really are!

You can't help but smile and feel grateful when you listen to this CD. Great positive message.  

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Here's what others are saying: 

John's triumph is beyond inspirational, and the witness of those who helped him along the way will change you forever! It is impossible to listen to this story without coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to fulfill the law of Christ as your heart cries out, "What more can I do?"Mary - Poplar Grove, IL
This is an account of a steady restoration of faith, hope, and love which only could come from the presence of a living God.Julie- Sterling, VA
This is what love is. Jeff - Steubenville, OH

Miracles upon miracles! This is a presentation for everyone to hear.Norm - Biloxi, MS


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keep Holy the Sabbath by Dr. Tim Gray

 "Keep Holy the Sabbath" is the April Cd of the Month club selection. 

Join our CD of the Month club before April 15 to receive this brand new talk as your first CD. 


From the CD sleeve: Dr. Timothy Gray is the president of the Augustine Institute and is a well known Scripture scholar and Catholic speaker. With fascinating detail and examples, Dr. Gray here discusses the profound importance for individuals, and for modern society, of properly observing Sunday as the Lord’s Day by exploring God’s gift of the Sabbath in the Old Testament. He aims to help us reclaim our Sunday from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.
Dr. Tim Gray, President of the Augustine Institute

My Take: As a mother of 6, I know first hand how busy family life is. It may seem to many of us that Sunday is the "catch up" day to do all the work that got missed. It may seem that Sunday is "sports" day where we drive all our kids around to soccer/baseball/volleyball/basketball/etc. It may seem like Sunday is the only day of the week that we actually get to sleep in. But Dr. Gray helps us RECLAIM the true intention of the Sunday. Sunday is a gift to us from God to enter into Worship. A day to remember that God is our Father and we can rest in His loving care and be renewed and recharged for the mission He has entrusted to us.

If you are tired of the rat race, tired of the busy-ness, tired of running on empty, or just plain tired, you will love the HOPE and the PRACTICAL suggestions on this CD. 

Join our CD of the Month club before April 15 to receive this brand new talk as your first CD. 

I recently met Dr. Tim Gray out in Denver at the Augustine Institute. The Augustine Institute has created a brand new faith formation program Symbolon. IT IS AMAZING, see more about Symbolon at the my blog by CLICKING HERE